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Amethyst Piece

This page tells you a little about "Inner Light Crystals" latest purchases of crystals and minerals offered for sale, highlighting some of them so that you can use the links to look at any of these crystals through our on-line shop. Or give us a call to arrange to try them out with us here in Bournemouth on the lovely South coast of the UK!


We visited one of our suppliers and topped up on some of the more unusual crystals and tumbled stones we stock - and also came away with a few new items, including 
a couple of rainbow fluorite obelisks,
a new rare treated variety of black kyanite (Angel Wing Kyanite) - and some bi-coloured black kyanite too,
some beautiful clusters of deep blue azurite crystals,
some lovely sparkly emerald-green tumbled fuchsite,
some polished blue coral,
some tumbled lab-grown silicon,
and some pretty polished pieces of violet and white opal from Mexico, 

We also replenished our stocks of
gold sheen obsidian tumbled stones,
watermelon tourmaline crystals,
phenacite crystals,
carved black tektites,
blue and golden apatite,
'AAA' grade amethyst beds,
aegirine crystals,
and some very fine quality tourmalinated quartz, which has been hard to source.

We were also fortunate to find some new stocks of the very rare variety of fluorite from Derbyshire known as 'Blue John',
some very fine zeolites, including clusters of stilbite, apophyllite and cavansite,
some lovely new scolecite and nuumite palm stones and wands,
and some very pretty pieces of polished malachite.
We will be adding these to the shop over the next few weeks.

JULY 2015:

We have just returned from a visit to our supplier of Madagascan minerals, and came back with new stocks of 
included quartz, including inclusions of silver and gold rutile, hematite, epidot, and black tourmaline. 

The labradorite was especially fine, and so we bought new spheres and polished pieces of spectrolite, and some lovely pendants - many exhibiting the rare violet colours. 
There was also a very good selection of skeletal smoky quartz crystals, many of which have fine enhydros (air in water inclusions) within their structure, and these too are now in our shop. 

We also have new stock of 
blue calcite (lovely colour), 
natural citrine and natural smoky quartz, 
septarian nodules, 
carnelian quartz,
and a new find of a very rare form of clear quartz, which has small crystals of blue fluorite within.

MARCH 2015:

A new source has connected with us, and we spent a fascinating 6 hours inspecting some lovely quartz from around the world. The main source was Columbia, where new finds of magnificently clear quartz is now being carefully extracted - much of this is lemurian in formation, and many are lasers or have some sort of unusual formation to their sides and faces (see separate entry on our 'Crystals we like' page). 
We also bought some unusual examples of
danburite and kunzite / hiddenite mix (lovely for heart balancing and healing), 
crystals in matrix (said to be great for astral travel), 
some nice (but expensive) natural citrine polished points
and some fabulous new blue jelly opal from Peru.
I was also able to source some new brookite - bladed formation, and a new find from Greenland called kammerite',
and purchase some new tumbled stones in opal aura and tanzine aura,
and top up on Galaxyite, stichtite, ruby tumbles, strombolite, pink tourmaline, top-grade lapis lazuli and malachite, aqua aura and shungite.