Inner Light Crystals


DOW - also called a trans-channeler or "Temple Heart" (MASTER CRYSTAL)
Dow quartz formations are ideally symetrical. They combine the formations of both the channelling crystal and the transmitter crystal, so are multi functional. The termination's faces are formed in a pattern of three x 7-sided faces, interspersed by three x 3-sided faces / triangles. To find this formation is quite rare, and although natural ones are best it is possible to get polished crystals with the same form, and these are equally useful. Dows can be used for either purpose as shown in the channeler and transmitter sections and additionally are very importantly for actualising the Christ Consciousness on Earth. This is the ultimate expression of manifesting Heaven on Earth. They are excellent for meditation and for re-patterning and clearing us in all chakra centres and auric layers to enable us to hold more light. They are also a powerful aid in healing the heart and solar plexus chakra centres and the Higher heart of the Light body.

Clear Quartz: crystal (Madagascar)

Clear Quartz: crystal (Madagascar)

This is a natural clear quartz point in a rare 'Dow' formation. As with most quartz from this region the quartz is rather cloudy, but this is a clean...