Inner Light Crystals

By Mineral

As we stock such a large number of different crystal and mineral types we have sub-divided our indexing hopefully making finding what you are looking for much easier!
If you are looking for a specific crystal or mineral it may be easiest to enter a description of what you are looking for in the "Search" box at the head of this page. This will present you with a list of all minerals that have the keyword(s) you have entered within their description. Entering more specific details (such as "Amethyst Palm Stone" rather than "Amethyst") will refine the page(s) presented to save you clicking through irrelevant items.
Otherwise our stock is listed in alphabetical order, sub-divided (see below and in the categories index to the left side of this page) to make navigation of the index easier and quicker. Items are organised in alphabetical order according to their family / type (e.g. Agate - Blue Lace; Jasper - Red; Tourmaline - Black). Where some items are more commonly known by specific names (e.g. Unakite, which is actually a type of Jasper) or by descriptive or trademarked names (e.g Nirvana Quartz) they are indexed according to their common name. Use the "Search" box if in doubt! 
Once you access each sub-page all the crystal or mineral types within that section will be listed in the side menu, and also shown by name and picture in the main body of the page. Each title in the alphabetical list shows the number of items of that type currently for sale within brackets following its name: (e.g. Angelite (6)). Clicking on the side menu or the picture will take you to a page / pages holding details of all crystals or minerals of that particular type.
Where we stock a larger amount of crystals or minerals of a specific type the number is replaced with an arrow. This indicates that that crystal or mineral type has been sub-divided again, usually sorted by colour (e.g. Kyanite - Blue) or formation (e.g. Clear Quartz - Included). Clicking on the heading brings those sub-sections into view within the index bar and also takes you to a header page for that mineral that shows every sub-category in picture/name form.