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Eclipse Stone

Eclipse Stone is a new find from Indonesia, which has been primarily taken up by the jewellery trade. It has a black groundmass within which runs the most amazing deep yellow-gold colouring, which is caused by the mineral Orpiment (NOT rutile as some websites suggest!) as an inclusion within what I believe to be a quartz-based mineral, possibly a form of Jasper. I have also seen this stone called "Mustard Jasper" - well the colour IS like that of Colman's Mustard! However, as it is said to resemble the Sun shining out within the darkness of the night sky or void, this stone was originally christened Eclipse Stone.
This is a stone of the Higher priestess, wizard or wise woman. It has a fascinating energy, ideal for exploring hidden depths with enhanced understanding and insight. Eclipse Stone strongly supports the solar plexus and the Universal centre of the Unified body.
These stones are drilled.

NOTE: some sources have erroneously described the yellow material as Rutile! It looks nothing like it, and responsible craftworkers should know what they are using! In fact the yellow-gold coloured inclusion is Orpiment, which is toxic and should not be ingested, or placed in water for the making of elixirs for internal use.

Eclipse Stone (Bumblebee Jasper): tumbled stones

Eclipse Stone (Bumblebee Jasper): tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Eclipse Stone tumbled stones - also known as Bumblebee Jasper. You will receive one of average weight 9.5...