Inner Light Crystals


It would be easiest to describe a "pebble" as an extra-large tumbled stone. They are rounded stones that have usually been cut and polished from massive deposits or damaged crystals, and that are larger than the usual tumbled stones. They are less suitable for use in body layouts than palmstones or tumbles, but do make very comforting pieces to hold in the hands for healing or meditation, or to simply to leave on a table or shelf to enhance a space with their energies and beauty. Ocean Jasper adds the attributes of flow, along with the ability to help you discover new ways around obstacles - especially those with an emotional connection, or which are the root or cause of unhelpful or non-constructive emotional problems or situations. Ocean jasper is an orbicular jasper that is mined at low tide, hence its name. Supplies have now been mined out, and the price is rapidly escalating. Coming as it does from beneath the waves, it is an interesting mix of both earth and water energies. The most sought-after colours are those that are predominantly white and green. Ocean Jasper is a stone of hope and unlimited ecstacy and courage. It clears, cleanses and lifts the spirits and is a breath of fresh air for the heart, leaving a sense of positivity and gratitude in its wake.

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