Inner Light Crystals


Part polished slices or wedges of material have the dual benefit of one side being mirror-like and thus revealing the inner and outer beauty of the mineral, whilst the parts that are left raw allow one to see and marvel at the complexity of the "nooks and crannies" that are to be found with the rock. The rough faces of these pieces often have fascinating little nodules or drusy cavitites, giving an insight into how the mineral has grown within the earth. Ocean jasper is an orbicular jasper that is mined at low tide, hence its name. Supplies have now been mined out, and the price is rapidly escalating. Coming as it does from beneath the waves, it is an interesting mix of both earth and water energies. The most sought-after colours are those that are predominantly white and green. Ocean Jasper is a stone of hope and unlimited ecstacy and courage. It clears, cleanses and lifts the spirits and is a breath of fresh air for the heart, leaving a sense of positivity and gratitude in its wake.

Ocean Jasper: One side flat-polished (Madagascar)

Ocean Jasper: One side flat-polished (Madagascar)

Deep green (the most rare ocean jasper) rough slice, with one side flat polished to reveal the markings and drusy cavities. Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 3 cm ....