Inner Light Crystals


Spheres allow the energy of the crystal to be transmitted outwards through 360 degrees, making them an ideal shape to energise a space or room. This is also an ideal shape for holding in the hands for meditation, and any interesting inclusions, rainbows or minerals within the quartz add to the experience of working with the sphere, perhaps in journeying within the quartz, to communicate with its guardian's wisdom, and explore the ways in which it might be used. Ocean jasper is an orbicular jasper that is mined at low tide, hence its name. Supplies have now been mined out, and the price is rapidly escalating. Coming as it does from beneath the waves, it is an interesting mix of both earth and water energies. The most sought-after colours are those that are predominantly white and green. Ocean Jasper is a stone of hope and unlimited ecstacy and courage. It clears, cleanses and lifts the spirits and is a breath of fresh air for the heart, leaving a sense of positivity and gratitude in its wake.

Ocean Jasper: sphere - 9.5cm (Madagascar)

Ocean Jasper: sphere - 9.5cm (Madagascar)

AA grade large sphere of Ocean Jasper with (now rare) cream, green and white markings; with long, deep drusy cavities of clear and white quartz...