Inner Light Crystals

Ocean Jasper

This mineral comes from Madagascar, where it gained the name because it had to be mined from the shoreline at low tide. This material (especially the green and white shades) is becoming more scarce, as resources become mined out. There is an especially limited supply of the top grades of material, which is intensely coloured with clarity and purity to their colouring. Ocean jasper has a lovely soft energy, very Earth energy based, but it can also be very watery and floaty. Accordingly it can be useful in bringing about balance and gentle cleansing and healing on many levels, whilst enabling one to remain centred and grounded in the process. We have also found it helps connect to the water elementals (the undines) and the creatures of the sea, especially the cetaceans, and to understanding humanity's role in bringing about balance for the planet on land AND sea.