Inner Light Crystals


Spheres allow the energy of the crystal to be transmitted outwards through 360 degrees, making them an ideal shape to energise a space or room. This is also an ideal shape for holding in the hands for meditation, and the interesting fissures and drusy cavities within the material mean they can be used as a tool for journeying within the mineral, to communicate with its guardian's wisdom, and explore the stones uses. Ocean jasper has a lovely soft energy, very Earth energy based, but it can also be very watery and floaty. Accordingly it can be useful in bringing about balance and gentle cleansing and healing on many levels, whilst enabling one to remain centred and grounded in the process. We have also found it helps connect to the water elementals (the undines) and the creatures of the sea, especially the cetaceans, and to understanding humanity's role in bringing about balance for the planet on land AND sea.

Ocean Jasper: sphere - 9.5cm (Madagascar)

Ocean Jasper: sphere - 9.5cm (Madagascar)

AA grade large sphere of Ocean Jasper with (now rare) cream, green and white markings; with long, deep drusy cavities of clear and white quartz...