Inner Light Crystals

Record Keeper, Trigonal

These pages contain all our clear quartz (or other minerals that have quartz aspects within them) that are in Record Keeper or Trigonic / Trigonal formation.
Record Keeper crystals are recognised by the existence of small etched or raised triangles on the termination faces or sides of the crystal. They are usually found on the faces, and may be small or large; very obvious or hard to see; singles or multiples - sometimes layered. Record keepers are not very rare, but very clear and prominent ones are quite hard to find - when buying a crystal you need to inspect all the faces carefully in a very good light to spot them. These triangles indicate that here you have a crystal within which particular records or information have been stored. This information may be relevant to only the person who owns the crystal, or may be relevant to mankind as a whole and may be purely practical, or totally spiritual. It may also allow access to sources of higher information, either through the Higher self, or from the Akashic records. Information may be accessed via record keepers through meditation, but only when you approach the crystal with pure intentions and due reverence. Triangles that have an arched upper point (looking like a church window) are a form that we have named as Celestial Record Keepers, and as such the information accessed is of or from the Celestial realms in particular - these are excellent crystals for contacting Angelic guides or beings.
Sometimes downward pointing triangles occur - these are rare, and crystals with these markings have been named as Trigonic or Trigonal by Robert Simmons to refer to crystals that have markings or indentations on their sides or faces that resemble upside-down record-keeper markings. He says that these are stones of transition and for those who wish to / are able to travel into the realms that exists between worlds and Dimensions. This might included soul retrieval work or past-life healing, and can even included visioning and travel into the future. An ideal crystal for the shamanic practitioner, but care is required when working with them to have moved from the "ego"self to the planes of Unity consciousness.
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