Inner Light Crystals


These pages contain ALL the clear quartz we have in stock, as well as many other minerals that have clear quartz aspects within them, and so you may find it quicker to search for items according to category and via the side-bar menu, or using the search box at the head of this page if you are looking for something specific.
Quartz is a wonderful channeler, clarifier and enhancer of Light and energy in its infinitely varied forms. It is a natural amplifier and "shifter" of energy and has been prised by countless civilisations of the past for its many virtues and attributes. These virtues and its capacity for "memory" explain why it is the main crystal that can hold and retain ancient records and memories. It is also the only crystal (I refer here to CLEAR quartz especially) that can be reliably programmed. Life with quartz is never dull: its' many varied forms and formations (every crystal is totally unique) and its varied sources provide us with an endless array of crystal energies to explore.
To read more about the different forms and formations of quartz and their uses, you may like to return to our main site and to the pages under the dropdown heading "Crystal Directories".

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