Inner Light Crystals


These pages contain all our clear quartz that appear in what is known as an "Isis" formation.
Isis (also known as Goddess or Manifest Spirit crystals) is a Master Crystal. These are recognised by one of the faces of the crystal (usually the main or predominant one) having five sides that form a pentagon. Each side does not have to be of equal length, as long as the pentagon is symetrical through its centre line (i.e. tip to centre of base line). Sometimes all five sides are equal lengths, but this is a rare find. The Isis crystal encourages us to bring Spirit into everyday life. If we want to be fully realised beings, then this integration of spirit with reality is imperative. It also encourages balancing of the emotions and allowing our true feelings to be expressed through the heart chakra and into everyday reality. Although also called an Isis / "Goddess" crystal it is not only useful for women, but also for men who are trying to integrate their male /female sides or who need to bring their intuitive / creative feminine side more into prominence. It is ideal for very sensitive people and for the Indigo and crystal children and for all those that feel a pull towards the Divine Feminine energies. It is also comfort for the dying and for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one, through death or separation, or for those who have broken or damaged hearts.
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