Inner Light Crystals


These pages contain all our clear quartz that appear in what is known as an "Manifestation" formation.
A manifestation crystal may also be called a Creator Crystal, and is a Master crystal. One of these is recognised by the existence of another smaller crystal (s) totally enclosed within the main crystal. NO aspect of the inner crystal must penetrate the surface of the outer one for it to be a true manifestor - if they do, then these are "bridge" or "penetration" crystals. The inner crystal should also be of the quartz family, and NOT a different mineral (see "included crystals") NOR should it be a phantom (see "phantom").
True manifestation crystals are extremely rare and a very valuable addition to ones life and spiritual tool box! They may be used to help you manifest anything that you require, which must be something that you REALLY want, and which is something for your highest good. These crystals are excellent meditation and dream stones, and aid in all life path work, decision making and alignment to purpose. A manifestor can also enhance all forms of creativity, transformation and growth.
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