Inner Light Crystals

Self Healed

These pages contain all our clear quartz that appear in what is known as a "Self-Healed" formation. Self-healed crystals are recognised by having either many small terminations or similar crystalline structures at the base, side or tip of a crystal, indicating where it has been broken off from its growth base or been damaged during growth, and then has attempted to continue growing to repair the damage and restore its state of perfection. Some self healed crystals exhibit a complete fracture across the crystal, which has subsequently mended and grown back together again. Some change their growth pattern so that many smaller terminations form, one to each area of damage.
This knowledge of how to self heal can be made available and accessible to the user and so this crystal is very powerful when used for healing the self or others. Self-healed crystals are an ideal choice for use in cases of grief, trauma, guilt, loss, addictions and fears. They show us that it is possible to become perfect, regardless of what life throws at us, and that there are many different versions of "perfection" in the eyes of the Creator.
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