Inner Light Crystals


These pages contain all our clear quartz that appear in what is known as a "Sceptre" formation. One is identified by there being a second (larger) crystal enclosing an inner crystal, which remains protruding from its base like a rod or stem – or from one of the terminations, if you are looking at a double terminated crystal. These are very rare formations, and usually only are found within the quartz family.
The symbolism of the sceptre formation is obvious: that of Kingship or rulership. The sceptre in Western civilisations is equivalent to the Flail (or nekhakha) in Ancient Egyptian symbolism, where it was held by the Pharaoh to symbolise his solar and authoritative side; the three aspects of his being (the Pharaoh being the earthly representative of all the Neters (gods) who had 3 levels of hierarchy - metaphysical, cosmic and terrestrial); and that of the prudent farmer - provider of sustenance and guardian of all that grows or lives upon the land. To work with the sceptre formation is to take ownership of one's life and all that is within our control, and to act with wisdom and kindness in all things. To meditate with this form will help us understand more about our Divine nature, and to find where we have used (or abused) our Powers in the past, and then to know how to redress the balance.
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