Inner Light Crystals

Rutile, Sagenite

SAGENITE is a generic term that may describe quartz or agates or other minerals that contain OR HAVE CONTAINED needle-like crystals of rutile, tourmaline, goethite, stibnite, asbestos, actinolite, hornblende or epidot (see individual headings on separate pages, where appropriate.)
When the structure is vacated, leaving "empty" tubules within the structure, this is a stone for the wise-woman, priest or shaman, enabling safe passage into other worlds, and promoting wisdom and truth over whatever is revealed there. This mineral otherwise promotes discernment and encourages positivity and brings white Light to shine into the nooks and crannies of ones life and environment. Accordingly it is also cleansing and protective.
RUTILE is titanium oxide that forms in long, needle-shaped crystals, occasionally radiating; sometimes emanating from a central black mass. These needles may be hair-fine and hard to see, or thicker and easier to find. They can be coloured golden-yellow, reddish-brown, silvery-grey, red-bronze or black, but usually have a metallic reflective surface, that identifies them from other needle-like inclusions such as tourmaline or actinolite.
Titanium is regarded as a prime conductor of energy and as such is a wonderful tool for amplification and magnification. Accordingly, when found with quartz the combined material is one of the best for connecting, communicating and manifesting, whilst remaining grounded: they are also excellent connectors for humanity and the realms of the Angels. Great depths and profound truths can be accessed using rutilated quartz.
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