Inner Light Crystals


Lepidocrocite is another iron based mineral, and when appearing as an inclusion may form regions of orange; reddish-brown or deep plum-red. It can form as a coating to the exterior of a crystal; as phantom layers or as tiny spots or strings coloured black, brown or orange-red within a crystal. This particular manifestation is called Harlequin quartz, when Lepidocrocite can be found together with Hematite (they are very hard to tell apart). Harlequin formations link all chakras through the central column and balance and align all energy systems, aiding connection to the Higher Self and the spiritual world. Lepidocrocite teaches the joy of achieving a state of balance between stillness and movement; calm reflection and positive movement, which enables problems and blocks to be overcome with more ease and less hassle. It is a stone of "allowing"; of faith and of trust that all can and will flow in accordance with the Plan, when we let it!
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