Inner Light Crystals

Rare & Unusual

These pages contain included quartz that have grown in rare formations or mineral combinations; or that exhibit unusual features or attributes; or that are usually hard to source and therefore not always (or easily) available. Many are likely to be of interest to the collector, or will have special qualities that make them important (and perhaps powerful) personal healing and/or meditation crystals. These pages may also include crystals that have unusually shaped inclusions caused by the base material flexing during growth, or through minute inclusions of air or water during the process, that have resulted in something a bit special!
Please bear in mind that it is not always easy to identify inclusions within a mineral unless you are an experienced mineralogist and can examine a specimen under a microscope or break it down and test it in the laboratory. Most items in this section have either been identified by the wholesaler/mine as being a particular mineral or examined by us, using our experience of the forms in which specific inclusions are found. Accordingly all descriptions are given in good faith, but the exact nature of any inclusion can not always be certain.
Esoterically, when understanding the nature and attributes of included minerals, the base material supplies the primary resonance and the included material adds its own attributes to the mix. When the inclusions appear in any type of quartz they are also enhanced and amplified, making the combination more profound. Therefore the basic characteristics and uses of the base mineral and the mineral(s) included (see their own header page) will also apply.
To read more about the different forms and formations of minerals and their uses, you may like to return to our main site and to the pages under the dropdown heading "Crystal Directories".

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