Inner Light Crystals


These pages contain all our rose quartz that contain inclusions within them.
Generally, the rule when working with included crystals is to know what each mineral is and what its attributes are, and to understand that the base energies of the crystal will be enhanced / adjusted accordingly. It is rare to find many inclusions within rose quartz, with the exception of very fine rutile, which creates the effect known as "asterism". Therefore most specimens in this section will be asterated rose quartz. Other common inclusions found within rose quartz are likely to be veils or layers of air or water inclusions, resulting in subtle layered effects.
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Rose Quartz: sphere - 7cm (Madagascar)

Rose Quartz: sphere - 7cm (Madagascar)

Lovely translucent rose quartz sphere (almost pink girasol) with pale pink colouring and fine dendritic markings. Size 7 cm diameter