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Rare & Unusual

These pages contain all our rose quartz pieces that have grown in rare formations or mineral combinations; or that exhibit unusual features or attributes; or that are usually hard to source and therefore not always (or easily) available. Many are likely to be of interest to the collector, or will have special qualities that make them important (and perhaps powerful) personal healing and/or meditation crystals.
When the material has traces of specifically aligned rutile within it exhibits a special formation known as asterism. When this material is polished, especially into spheres, curved shapes or cabochons, and a strong light reflects from the surface it is possible to see a six-rayed star reflected back from the surface. The Madagascan material is often especially blessed with this quality. The asterated forms have the highest and most balancing of the rose quartz family's energies - their "as above: so below" nature broadcast through its 6-rayed star. The rutile also makes this a great communication stone, especially for making contact with the Angelic dimensions.
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Rose Quartz - Asterated: sphere - 6cm (Madagascar)

Rose Quartz - Asterated: sphere - 6cm (Madagascar)

Very nice asterated rose quartz cut and polished sphere. Pale rose colour, gentle energy. Size: 6 cm diameter