Inner Light Crystals

Palmstones, Pebbles, Tumbled

These pages contain all our rutilated quartz (and other minerals that have rutilated aspects within them )that are in the form of rounded and polished shapes. These include palmstones (which are usually round or oval and rather flat); pebbles (which are rounded shapes that are too large to be called tumbled stones); and tumbled stones (which are the most easily available form in which most minerals used in healing are to be found).
Any of these are useful in placing on the body for healing purposes, or simply for use as personal 'pocket' stones for carrying around in order to support, boost or enhance one's energies in accordance with their nature.
To read more about the different forms and formations of minerals and their uses, you may like to return to our main site and to the pages under the dropdown heading "Crystal Directories".

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