Inner Light Crystals

Tibetan Black Spot Quartz

I purchased all these Tibetan Black Spot crystals back in 2003/4. They had only recently come onto the market; and as soon as I saw them and felt their energies I knew I had to buy some. I still have a few pieces in my personal collection, but I had also bought quite a few other specimens for use as teaching materials for our crystal course students – both for them to experience their amazing energies too, and for the rarity - and often complexity - of their forms: however, now that we have moved towards teaching much smaller classes, I have decided it is time to release some of them to new keepers!
Tibetan Black Spot / Black Quartz comes from the Himalayas and contains what is thought to be deposits of manganese. Many of the crystals are double terminated and many have inclusions of air / water (enhydro quartz): I have also found that some of them are manifestation crystals, with tiny smaller crystals nestling within their matrix if you look closely enough. I love these crystals, which have a wise and expansive energy. They have a solidity and strength to their energy, which feels so strong because of its high and powerful resonance with the philosophies and disciplines of ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices. Cleansing, grounding, protecting, activating and aligning - what more can one ask for... a great crystal for directing and clearing energy in the energy matrix, centres and bodies AND wonderful to use in meditation and journeying.

Awaiting new stock.