Inner Light Crystals


All tourmalines are striated crystals. They are found in many colours and have very different properties and uses according to their colour. The very best quality coloured tourmalines are hard to find in the healing crystal market (at least at good prices!) as most of the top material is snapped up by the jewellery trade for cutting as gemstones. Tourmalines can also be multi-coloured - bi-coloured ones having 2 colours present within / adjacent to each other; watermelon having a pink central core within a green outer layer. The latter ones make one of the very best crystals for working with the heart and high heart centres. The bi-colour stones are useful crystals for bridging between the energy centres relevant to the colours - e.g: blue / green = throat and heart; red / orange = base and sacral etc. Tourmaline is often found is association with quartz and is a common inclusion, when the quartz acts to strongly amplify and broadcast the tourmaline's energies.

Tourmaline - Bi-coloured: Tumbled pieces

Tourmaline - Bi-coloured: Tumbled pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our predominantly pink and green bi-coloured tourmaline tumbled stones. Clarity and quality variable. You will receive one...


Tourmaline - Bi-coloured: crystal

Tourmaline - Bi-coloured: crystal

This is a truly beautiful terminated tourmaline crystal with a clean and complete apex. Its colour is blue-green (a most rare and unusual shade) with...


Tourmaline - Bi-coloured: crystals (x small)

Tourmaline - Bi-coloured: crystals (x small)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our extra small Bi-coloured Tourmaline crystals (pink and green). You will receive one of less than 1cm.