Inner Light Crystals

Cacoxenite in Citrine

Cacoxenite is a beautiful mineral in its own right, but is most often found as an inclusion within quartz, especially amethyst, where it appears as tiny rays, threads or tufts of golden material, sometimes with a common darker "root". If you look closely at some amethyst geodes, crystals or beds you may find this material starting to arise from dark spots of mineral that have been deposited close to the outer skin of the quartz. This is because cacoxenite is an iron based mineral, and it is iron that gives quartz its purple and/or yellow colouring, turning it into amethyst and/or citrine. Not all cacoxenite is golden in colour: it may appear to be reddish or purple, and frequently has dark brown or black aspects. It is one of the minerals within Super Seven, also known as "Melody Stone", and as such has sometimes been given that (rather misleading, I feel) title, which means some sources charge a smalll fortune for it! This material is cacoxenite within natural NOT heat treated citirne.
Cacoxenite’s message is all about connection and communication, yet it is also grounding in its energies, enabling you to expand your awareness with more ease. When in combination with amethyst it adds a higher dimension to the connection; when with citrine the golden-yellow energies enhance the solar plexus and sacral connections, making the communication more tangible. This is a useful stone for learning more about yourself and understanding your inner motivations: and so if you need to look more closely at your emotional or mental processing, then this stone is a useful one to work with. My guides love catch phrases, and this one is "Know yourself: know the Divine".

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