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Chalcedony is a member of the quartz family formed from sub-microscopic grains of quartz, usually naturally coloured by pigmenting minerals. It differs from Jaspers in that the grains are layered rather than randomly oriented, thus making the mineral more translucent. The most usual colours are blue, pink, white and purple/violet. Often it may form in layers with other chalcedonies and / or jaspers, to create banded agates and onyxes.
Blue chalcedony has a soft and gentle energy that is very cooling and calming. It is a very good stone to use at the throat chakra, especially when the voice is tired or it needs to rest. There is a sense of serenity and peace with this stone, and so it would be a good choice placed (out of reach) in a child or baby's room. Because of its resonance with childlike energies it will also support play and help the nurture of one's Inner Child.
Purple chalcedony resonates with the Violet Ray and with the Third eye and Crown chakras. This makes it a useful and protective stone when opening these Higher centres for journeying, channelling or other forms of spiritual communion. This particular variety that we stock (Royal Aztec) also contains soft dove grey shades, and this muted silver Ray energy adds to the Power that can be sensed when working with this stone, making it an effective companion for Astral travel.
Black Chalcedony is an excellent choice for grounding or for use to strengthen the Earth Star chakra. This stone is also of use for journeying within, and for exploring the more hidden sides of our nature, thus bringing them into the Light.

Chalcedony (Royal Purple Aztec): tumbled stones

Chalcedony (Royal Purple Aztec): tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our Royal Purple Aztec Chalcedony tumbled stones for sale. You will receive one of average weight 16 grams. Purple...


Chalcedony - Black: tumbled stones

Chalcedony - Black: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Black Chalcedony tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 3 grams. Black Chalcedony is an...


Chalcedony - Blue: tumbled stones

Chalcedony - Blue: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our Chalcedony - Blue tumbled stones for sale. You will receive one of average weight 3 grams. Blue chalcedony has a soft...


Clear Quartz: Stalactite (slice)

Clear Quartz: Stalactite (slice)

This is a pretty polished slice through a clear quartz double stalactite, with 2 agate / chalcedony cores, visible from both sides. Size: 3.5 x 2.5 x...