Here are some of the projects we have been doing:

25th August (just after moving in) - view from guest room (side)

GUEST ROOM: Before Video

GUEST ROOM: After Video

Here are some views of ROSY COTTAGE: Arthur's Retreat!  downstairs x 2; upstairs x 1



NEWS FROM THE LLECHRYD HOME FRONT: Mark gets to grips with the long grass and ride-on mower as autumn nears!


5 PHOTOS: View from our bedroom (arrival till now) - see how the colours change.
25th august; 1st sept; 17th sept; 22nd sept (you can just see the brown strip of the river teifi in full flow after rains behind the green field at the front of the photo); 10th october 

last week Mark redecorated the pantry / freezer room / store and refitted it with freezers (now full of apples from the garden!) and a 1970s hygena formica unit we rescued from the garage and restored to its glory. They made them to last back then - and the 1970s lightshade I love too - it looks great cleaned up!!

10th October - view of autumn from our bedroom,
and the view from the bathroom out the only front window upstairs. You can see the top of the drive and the beech trees and lovely robinia which has been a waterfall of gold - and lots of leaves to sweep up too! Rosy cottage just visible, and the top of the hill behind it.

A quick glimpse from the landing window up the side of the house - lovely paperbark ?maple and lots of acers...
then some views down the side from outside in the garden:
next 2 show (L - R)  Arthurs bedroom window; his bathroom; the landing and then a glimpse of Guest room side window
last one shows view down side garden, which runs next to the drive / lane up to the house and to the hils beyond.


Nobody uses the front door in Wales - but here it is, with a comfy bench and one of our amethysts.
And this is the view if you turn round and look back to the gates;
and the view from the top of that path left over the front garden (x2 - top of drive, rosy cottage and gate to 'orchard' in background),
and then turning round and looking back to the house.


If you stand outside the kitchen door, here are the views:
looking left towards Arthurs wing - gates (made by local blacksmith for the house in 1974 - cost £35!) and drive in background;
and right to our car, the potting shed (lots of spiders!) and oil tank
from the front path, left leads to the porch and front door via the wc; 
and right past the garage to the drive and washing line - still got oxeye daisies in October!!

If you stand at the top of the front garden by the drive and under the beech and look right you will see the top of the drive and the dairy / workshop / garage;
the end view of Rosy cottage, and on to our field (through green covered gates);
a long view of the front of the cottage and stables / log store / dumping room!

Here is a view out from the kitchen looking over the front garden - as you can see we are settled in! Mark will be picking up the red paint to match the blinds this weekend! We want to paint the dining end a warm colour, and the other end a 'twine' colour to match the second 'beige' shade on the blind, so there is some definition between the two areas. It will also warm up the N facing end.
And then here is Milly:
first being a trip hazard on the kitchen rug,
then looking out through the chicken wire Mark has put over the doors out from the conservatory as a temp measure until next spring.
They all enjoy the view and the air - one is lovely, the other getting a bit chilly (and damp!)