Inner Light Crystals

Fuschite & Serpentine

This deep green mineral combination of Fuchsite and Green Serpentine is reassuring and grounding, yet strangely expansive. The fuchsite provides a sound heart centred foundation and resolute core from which we may explore inwards and outwards, having set appropriate and apt boundaries. It also helps us to connect with the natural world and the Devic Kingdom. Fuchsite's Silver Ray element additionally elevates confidence and an overview that promotes problem solving. Serpentine is a mineral commonly found in many areas of the world, including within what is known as Connemara Marble and Lizard Rock. Although named for its appearance, which is similar to smooth-skinned green snakes, it also has the ability to stimulate the arousal of the "serpent" Kundalini energies. The deep green colour of this mineral combination acts as a safety valve for this, helping keep them grounded, balanced and under control. It is important never to force a Kundalini awakening, or risk an uncontrolled opening of the energy field, so using this mineral can help gently rouse the energies from a heart-centred position, whilst connecting you with the guidance of your Inner "Wise-woman / Shaman" and the nurturing mothering energies of the Earth.

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