Inner Light Crystals

Ruby Fuchsite

Although found as individual minerals, fuchsite, ruby, zoisite and kyanite can be found in many combinations with each other. Typical combinations include: Ruby & Kyanite; Ruby & Zoisite; Fuchsite & Kyanite; and Fuchsite, Ruby & Kyanite. All have the element aluminium in common, which may account for these occurrences.
Ruby & Fuchsite with Kyanite:
Fuchsite is a green chromium-bearing type of muscovite / mica that forms the groundmass for this stone, which contains inclusions of ruby crystals whose red colour also comes from the element chromium. Within parts of the crystalline mass, random inclusions of indigo, blue or green kyanite may be found, often surrounding the ruby core.
In this combination the kyanite acts as a bridge, smoothly linking, balancing and aligning the attributes of the ruby and the fuchsite: The fuchsite provides a sound heart centred foundation and resolute core from which we may explore inwards and outwards, having set appropriate and apt boundaries; the ruby supplies the courage, strength and determination that enables us to succeed in our endeavours. This then is a stone for the courageous explorer, helping us in exploring our inner and outer worlds in order to understand what it means to be an embodied soul.

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