Inner Light Crystals

Rutilated Quartz old

Rutilated quartz is a form of included quartz that is most generally found in massive deposits, rather than as terminated crystals. It is possible to find crystals with rutilation in, but they tend to be small - and rather expensive! It can be worth looking very closely when buying clear quartz crystals, just in case. Rutile is usually found within clear or smoky quartz, and can sometimes be found mixed with other needle-like material, such as epidot, tourmaline or sagenite. Only rarely do you find rutilated citrine quartz; and when rose quartz is rutilated this creates the formation known as "asterated rose quartz". The needles of rutile may be coloured silver, gold, bronze, black or copper.
Whatever their colour rutile is a form of titanium oxide - regarded as prime conductors of energy and as wonderful tools for amplification and magnification. Accordingly, when found with quartz the combined material is one of the best for connecting, communicating and manifesting, whilst remaining grounded. This is an exitable stone and very fizzy and happy to the touch - yet it is not shallow! Great depths and profound truths can be accessed using rutilated quartz...