Inner Light Crystals

Natural Crystals, Clusters etc.

These pages hold all our rutilated quartz crystals (and other minerals that have rutilated aspects within them) that are of terminated formation. These include individual crystals (natural finish and/or polished finish; single-terminated and double-terminated); clusters and beds.
These are mostly polished or part-polished rutilated single crystals: during the extraction process crystals sometimes incur damage to their sides or faces and this means that they can be displayed to their best advantage if such minor imperfections are polished out. This makes the end product more energetically sound: the identifying markings are however often removed in the process - despite not being able to see them the crystal has not however lost these attributes. The Madagascan material tends to be naturally rather 'chalky' on its outer faces, and the polishing process does reveal their inner beauty. These polished points can be used in exactly the same way as the natural crystals - all terminated crystals have a directive energy (simply follow their point(s)!) and as such make useful healing tools.
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