Inner Light Crystals

Polished Points & Shapes etc.

These pages contain all our rutilated quartz (and other minerals that have rutilated aspects within them) that have been cut or carved and then polished, or that have had rough surfaces clarified by polishing to reveal the inner beauty of the mineral. Cut, carved and polished items may include spheres; freeforms; pyramids; shapes; domes and cabochons; wands; flames and slices, as well as figures; angels; skulls and animals.
Minerals are often cut or carved into shapes from what is termed "massive" deposits that has not formed as terminated crystalline deposits. This creates pieces that can be used as healing tools or items that are useful as personal healing and/or meditation aids, or pieces that adds beauty and specific energies to the mineral and which will broadcast the energies of the mineral in a specific or well-defined manner.
Minerals likewise may be carved, cut and polished into shapes that carry a spiritual or symbolic form, such as power animals, angels, Buddhas or skulls. The item created will help connect the user to the energies of the thing / being they depict or the lesson they carry, whilst the nature of the mineral used in its making will imbue it with the attributes and purpose of that mineral on an esoteric and spiritual level.
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