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Ruby and Sapphire are both varieties of corundum, their colour depending on the included minerals: chromium in the case of ruby and iron, titanium and vanadium in the cases of sapphires (which are found in many colours, including blue, yellow, white and violet).These crystal slices carry a mix of red and blue, and thus the attributes of both ruby and blue sapphire energies (see own entries).
This colour combination will help link our base, throat,third eye and crown centres. The blue and red combine to create a violet/purple crystal that is supportive, protective and refined and that allows the mind and vision to expand whilst keeping one firmly grounded and "present".

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Sapphire - Violet: crystal slice

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Violet (Ruby / Blue Sapphire mix) crystal slices. You will receive one of minimum weight 1 gram. These crystal...

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