Vulcanite (Que Sera Stone)

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Vulcanite (also known as the 'Que Sera Stone') is found in the USA, and is a brecciated mix of quartzes, jaspers, feldspars and chalcedonies, with varying degrees of colour. Generally found in tones of deep brown, often with lighter pinky-brown patches of feldspar, the most attractive stones have a decent number of translucent patches of pale blue chalcedony within them. This lightens their energy considerably, offering a sense of uplifting calm to the spirits and the emotions. The way in which the stone formed shows how peace can arise from chaos, if you choose to look with eyes that are willing to see the truth! I personally was drawn to this stone during a time of upheaval, and found that it offered me a positivity that allowed me to hand my worries over to a Higher Power, and so find more peace. It certainly helped me to be willing to accept (as its name suggests) that 'What Will Be, Will Be', trusting that ALL will be as it is meant to be, when the time is Right.
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Vulcanite (Que Sera): tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Vulcanite (Que Sera Stone) tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 9 grams. The way in which...

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