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Tanzanite is a member of the zeolite family, and it forms as lovely striated crystals in shades of blue / violet. Most of the crystals are purchased by the gem trade for use in fine quality jewellery. In its rough form, it is however a useful meditation and healing tool, and even a small piece can be very effective.
The colour reflects the uses of this crystal, which are all connected with the Highest vibrations and communion with (and understanding of) the Highest Guidance and Knowing. Tanzanite resonates with the blue, indigo and violet Rays and is excellent for supporting communication, intuitive work of all kinds, spiritual expansion and growth, and the flowering of the Inner Lotus of the Soul, which holds and sustains our Inner Light. It also helps connect us to the Wisdom of the Cosmos and to the Highest Galactic energies. Tanzanite works well at the throat and brow chakras, and at the solar plexus and sacral chakras, where it can stimulate creativity and all forms of artistic expression.
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(image for) Tanzanite (B grade): necklace

Tanzanite (B grade): necklace

Necklace of small B grade Tanzanite gem chips. Grey/blue in colour, but a nice gentle energy. Could be worn, or used in craft work. Size: see...

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(image for) Tanzanite: rough crystal pieces

Tanzanite: rough crystal pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Tanzanite rough crystal pieces. You will receive one of average weight 2 grams. Although showing traces of...

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