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Carnelian is a member of the quartz family, being a quartz chalcedony that has a very high iron content, which gives it the lovely orange colour. Djwhal Kuhl said about carnelian in the 1980s that in his view it is one of the most rapidly advancing minerals on the planet - a quartz that thinks it is as good as a diamond! The energy is deep and resonant, empowering and energising and has throughout history been regarded as a quintessential stone of courage. It is also very strengthening and detoxifying to all the lower 3 energy centres as well as the physical body - especially useful during periods of illness or convalescence.

Haematoid Quartz (Agnitite): polished pebble (Madagascar)

Haematoid Quartz (Agnitite): polished pebble (Madagascar)

This quartz (also sometimes called carnelian or orange quartz) has been polished into a large pebble. It has a good amount of dark red-orange...


Carnelian: polished pebble (Madagascar)

Carnelian: polished pebble (Madagascar)

Very pretty large round carnelian polished pebble, with good deep orange colouration and paler colours, some of which are opalescent with an inner...