Inner Light Crystals


These pages contain all our citrines (and other minerals that have citrine aspects within them ) that contain inclusions within them.
Generally, the rule when working with included crystals is to know what each mineral is and what its attributes are, and to understand that the base energies of the crystal will be enhanced / adjusted accordingly.
Along with other members of the quartz family, it is not impossible to find citrine with various inclusions:
Many crystals have small black spots within or just below their surface: these are likely to be iron deposits, which might otherwise have developed into cacoxenite;
Some have small white snowballs in/on them: these are likely to be okenite;
Some exhibit what appears to be rutilation - however, this is not likely to be true rutile: if it is golden and "tufted" then it is probably cacoxenite.
Other inclusions might be: hematite (usually small silvery metallic flecks or spots); lepidocrocite (usually small red or orange flecks or spots); phantom inclusions (more commonly exhibiting "layers" of clear, milky, amethyst or smoky quartz); air or water inclusions, resulting in skeletal layering and/or enhydro formation (these are rare and very sought after crystals!)
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