Inner Light Crystals


These pages contain all our citrines (and other minerals that have citrine aspects within them) that appear in what is known as a "phantom" formation.
Phantom formations are used to describe crystals that show lines, layering or "ghosts" within them. These may be partial or (more rarely) full phantoms and can be found in a range of colours including green, white, grey, black, red and brown. These might have grown because a completely different mineral than that of its host was temporarily introduced into the seed / feed solution during the crystal's growth; or it may have arisen as a consequence of changes or mutations to the minerals within the usual feed solution; or it may have arisen through changes that occurred to conditions that affected the crystal's growth within the ground, such as increased /decreased heat or pressure. When discerning the uses of the phantom the attributes of the mineral within also will have an effect on the overall energies of the crystal.
The fact that layers are formed is symbolic and points to the crystal being of use when dealing with buried or layered issues, or when accessing information that occupies a different level of reality, time or dimension. Just as the phantom shows the crystals history, so too can it show our past to us.
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