Inner Light Crystals

Orange Kyanite

This is a new find from Tanzania. The initial deposits were very crumbly but a later find of more complete crystals resulted in these little wonders coming to Light. They are typically "platy" and bladed, like indigo kyanite in the raw state, and have quartz and mica deposits within their structure in many cases. We understand that they come from the same region that spessartine (orange) garnets are found, and I feel this accounts for both their colour and unusual energy. "Zingy" is putting it mildly - they seem to be clamouring to get out of the bag and get to work, and there is almost a sense of the busyness of bees about them! Their colour would indicate that they are going to be of great use with the lower 3 chakra centres, and especially with the sacral centre. Creativity and Joy are the two words that come instantly to mind when holding these crystals, and their structure indicates that they will have the ability to increase energy flow, whilst imbuing the life-force engendered with purpose, positivity and commitment. For those that work in Unified Field state, I feel that these will make strong connecting stones, providing a flexible link to our Higher Selves and so reinforcing our commitment to our life-path, and that they will also have the ability to charge, reinforce and ground one's energies through the entire length of the pranic core.

Kyanite - Orange: blades (small)

Kyanite - Orange: blades (small)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Orange Kyanite blades. You will receive one of minimum weight 2.5 grams. This is a recent discovery. It is a...