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‘Cocoon of Calm’

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These earrings have been designed to promote a calm and ordered mind, with emphasis on the heart and throat chakras, and on the Higher Mind and Spirit. They have been made using 28cm (1.5 grams) of Sterling silver, set with 4 pieces of Tourmalinated Quartz, and 2 pieces each of Jadeite, Blue Lace Agate and Aquamarine; and are finished with mirrored ‘question marks’ of silver. The question marks and crystals have been symmetrically balanced and aligned to enable the left/right sides of the brain to function harmoniously.
The silver question marks represent the energy of the soul or spirit, and are symbolic of the quest for knowledge that underlies mankind’s innate need to understand themselves (who am I?) and their place in the world (why am I here?). The Tourmalinated Quartz creates a strong and stable foundation that enables the twists and turns of human existence to be untangled with less effort and stress, and offers the clarity that can bring everything into better focus; the Jadeite centres all the aspects of the Self at the heart, enabling all worries and concerns to be seen for what they truly are, whilst holding body, mind and soul in loving balance; the Aquamarine helps in clarifying and ordering the mind and thought processes, ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’ so that only that which is truly important need be examined or questioned; and the Blue Lace Agate creates a cool and calm breathing space in which to simply relax and BE, accepting that all only can (and will) become clear as and when the time is right.
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