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This section has been set aside for Books published by 'Unity Consciousness Books'.
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to purchase any books you will need to do so in a separate transaction. They cannot be combined with an order for crystals and/or other items, to ensure that the shipping methods presented to you at checkout are the most cost-effective for each type of order; and so that all items reach you in the best possible condition.
Discounts are applied when you buy multiple copies of the same title in one transaction:
1-2 books = Full price each book
3-5 books = 10% off each book
6-10 books = 20% off each book
(on 10 books, this is equivalent to getting 2 books free!)
If you wish to purchase MORE THAN ten books at the same time, please contact us with the number of books you require and your shipping address, and we will be pleased to send you a quote for your order, including shipping.
We are also happy to negotiate additional discounts on multiple purchases (in excess of 10 books of the same title) for wholesalers and booksellers.

Walking With Archangels

Walking With Archangels

Walking With Archangels - The Angelic Way of Ascension: a handbook for self-transformation and personal growth - is a 400+ page hardback book (17 x...