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This section has been set aside for Books published by 'Unity Consciousness Books'.
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to purchase any books you will need to do so in a separate transaction. They cannot be combined with an order for crystals and/or other items, to ensure that the shipping methods presented to you at checkout are the most cost-effective for each type of order; and so that all items reach you in the best possible condition.
Discounts are applied when you buy multiple copies of the same title in one transaction:
1 book = Full price each book
2-3 books = 10% off each book
4+ books = 15% off each book
If you would like to purchase titles by the box (6 books to a box) please go to the publisher's website Unity Consciousness Books for further information regarding discounts of up to 35% on books, plus discounted shipping.
(image for) Walking With Archangels

Walking With Archangels

Winner of the 'BEST SELF-PUBLISHED SPIRITUAL BOOK OF THE YEAR' category in 'Soul & Spirit' magazine's Spiritual Book Awards for 2018, Walking With...

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