Ty Rhos Jewellery

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‘Ty Rhos – Silver By Design’ is a unique collection of silver jewellery hand-crafted in Wales by Arthur Brittain. Arthur’s workshop occupies what were once the living quarters of a modest slate-built smallholding known as ‘Rhos Tyhill Cott’. Dating back to the end of the 18th Century, the little cottage (affectionately known as ‘Rosy Cottage’) overlooks the River Teifi not far from Cardigan in West Wales. Nestling into a wooded hillside and surrounded by open farmland, it offers a peaceful and tranquil retreat from the modern world that inspires the soul and fires the imagination, empowering Arthur’s unique designs to come to life.
New and exclusive to Inner Light Crystals, each piece is crafted by hand in .925 sterling silver*. Pendants are all individually designed specifically to complement and enhance the beauty and 'energy' of the crystals or stones that have been chosen as their focus; and earrings are each made with a specific keynote or 'theme' in mind, which is reflected in the crystals and silver adornments chosen in and for their design.
Arthur is happy to design something unique for you, if you see a specific crystal in our shop that you would like made into a pendant. See the 'Commissions' page for some examples.
*NB: assay office regulations state that if the weight of sterling silver used in a piece of jewellery is less than 7.5 grams it is not required to be hallmarked.