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Minerals are often cut or carved into shapes from what is termed "massive" deposits that has not formed as terminated crystalline deposits. This creates pieces that can be used as healing tools or items that are useful as personal healing and/or meditation aids, or pieces that adds beauty and specific energies to the mineral and which will broadcast the energies of the mineral in a specific or well-defined manner.
Many minerals can be carved, cut and polished into forms or shapes that carry a spiritual or symbolic pattern. Such forms might include power animals from the Native traditions; animals of myth and magic; Angels; Buddhas; or skulls. The item created will help connect the user to the energies of the thing / being they depict or the lesson they carry, whilst the nature of the mineral used in its making will imbue it with the attributes and purpose of that mineral on an esoteric and spiritual level. Some man-made materials (such as opalite) may be used for such items, in which case the connection is made through the form of the object, rather than the materials used. It can be especially useful to create a form from a mineral that has a specific resonance with the being / life-form it is representing: for example purple/lavender jade connects with Quan Yin, and so this would be a wonderful stone to carve her figure in. Alternatively it is good to combine a carving that has meaning to you with a stone that resonates with your own energies or needs at that time: thus you need to take into account both form AND mineral.