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These are recognised as being double terminated crystals but with one termination composed of many small pointed crystals pointing away from the main body of the crystal, like the rockets on a space vehicle. These crystals may be used in the same way as DT crystals, but the multi-terminated end will act like a "sprayer". This means it can be useful where there is a need for energies to be spread out over a wider area, permitting a softer but more widely effective energy transfer. Because of the multiple terminations they are superior collectors of energy, and have self-healed qualities too, making them a useful healing tool. Also as the name suggests, this crystal aids in communicating with off-planet energies and in astral travel - especially for those who enjoy being amongst the stars, or for those who have strong "star roots".
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(image for) Fire Quartz: crystal - DT Self-healed

Fire Quartz: crystal - DT Self-healed

This Madagascan Fire Quartz crystal is in its raw unpolished form, and so has a slightly milky / chalky surface. Below this the crystal is covered...

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(image for) Aquamarine AA: crystal (South Africa)

Aquamarine AA: crystal (South Africa)

Nice pale blue crystal. Most sides clean and clear. The main termination is very clear as you move down the crystal the clarity is lessened by...

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