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Madagascar offers some unusual forms and formations of quartz, including polished and natural elestials and skeletal quartz and a wide range of unusual pieces with different inclusions, such as black rutile, garnets, epidot and enhydros (water bubbles). They also have plenty of epidot in quartz, many of which are as good as the Columbian "dream quartz" mentioned in "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons. Several other specimens we have for sale, polished and part-polished, are unusual combinations of minerals in the same piece, such as a smoky / clear / amethyst / enhydro mix or a smoky / epidot / rutile mix. Some of the skeletal and enhydro forms are especially great at working with emotional or deep-rooted conditions. We also stock several types of rutilated quartz - smoky, clear and amethyst (which often has reddy-purple goethite inclusions), and find the rutiles may be silver, gold or deep bronze in colour. We also stock a range of phantom crystals, which have inclusions of varying minerals, including several white phantoms (see Book of Stones again!) plus some very nice orange phantoms with rare carnelian within.