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Amethyst is the purple / violet form of quartz, the colour being formed through traces of iron and aluminium and natural irradiation. Mostly amethyst forms in geodes or beds, which are sold halved, in slabs or split into individual points, although some smaller gemmy crystals or clusters have been found that exhibit true individual crystalline structures. Amethyst in various forms can be found in many regions of the world, each of which seems to produce a crystal or cluster of a very individual style and energy. Amethyst is the first choice for many people new to the world of metaphysical crystal use and we cannot envisage any healing space or home without some! Larger geodes, slabs or beds are amazing either stood on end to energise a space, or laid down for other crystals to lie on to be cleansed or charged, but never doubt the potency of carrying a smaller tumbled stone either. Its vibrant colour immediately opens and awakens the soul body and helps promote our connection to the Divine and to the reality of who and what we are - yet it does so gently and safely and without fuss or trauma.
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