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Septarian Nodule

This mineral is created when circulating liquid matter within massive deposits of (usually) clay-rich concretions crystallise out within fissures formed in the base material as a result of heat and pressure within the ground. This, combined with fracturing and other such changes to the material caused by earth movements, results in what are known as Septarian concretions (or nodules). The nature of the crystals within the base matter depends on the liquid matter: silica-rich liquids result in quartz crystals being formed, whilst calcite-rich liquid results in calcite crystals forming. These crystals are coloured according to the other minerals present in the liquid, and where siderite and/or pyrite is present this often precipitates onto the surface of the concretion, resulting in reddish-brown and golden colours. The remaining liquid then crystallises over time to fill the cavities. Most frequently the crystals within Septarian nodules are honey or orange calcite, the colour coming from the presence of iron. Sometimes however the calcite is black, caused through carbon deposits.
This crystal is useful for those who need to settle or come to terms with disruptive influences in their lives, past or present. This may be as a result of past traumas (physical or emotional) suffered, or current issues of an unsettling or worrying nature. Holding or working with this mineral will help you see past the surface chaos and to view the situation from a more balanced perspective, allowing understanding of the true underlying causes and the reality of why / how the circumstances have arisen, and the lessons behind them. Septarian nodules are also an excellent catalyst for change, and if you need to instigate new beginnings of any sort, whether on a personal, spiritual or business front, this is a very useful stone to have! The calcite aspects enhance confidence and optimism; the clay groundmass contributes the element of flexibility: their relevant proportions indicate how these aspects are balanced, although both elements assist you in remaining grounded in reality throughout the process, making what you create more practicable.
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