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Amethyst is one of the main crystals that forms mainly in hydrothermic vents, often in hollows formed by gas bubbles, or in rock clefts or cracks, thus one of the most common formations in which amethyst is found is that of a druse or geode (also known as a cave or Madonna), or is sold in beds (which are usually fragmented geodes). It is possible to occasionally find other members of the quartz family forming in geodes, but this is quite rare. An outer "skin" of quartz chalcedony is laid down first, which then encloses a mineral bearing solution: then the terminated beds of crystals grow within their own little "womb". As with the clusters, geodes create and maintain a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere for any space, and are especially nice to have within a healing room or meditation space, where they continually emit and direct their energies to enhance the whole area. Their cave-like hollow also makes a good place to charge or clear crystal essences.
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(image for) Agate - Ocho: geode

Agate - Ocho: geode

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Agate "Ocho" geodes. You will receive one of minimum weight 18 grams. These are pretty halved agate...

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(image for) Amethyst: geode

Amethyst: geode

Small amethyst geode that looks like an Egyptian eye. The piece is a very pretty delicate lilac colour with a crystal filled cavity. Used by the...

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