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These crystals are recognised by the phantom or ghostly outline(s) of a crystal layer / layers within the crystal. These may be partial or (more rarely) full phantoms and can be found in a range of colours including green, white, grey, black, red and brown. The layers formed as other mineral deposits fell on the surface of the crystal or mixed with the feed material whilst it was growing, showing the history of the crystal's growth. The colour of the phantom indicates the nature of the mineral deposited: generally green = chlorite or epidot; white = asbestos or kaolinite; red / orange = iron / hematite or cuprite; black = manganese or carbon. When discerning the uses of the phantom the attributes of the mineral within also will have an effect on the overall energies of the crystal. Phantom crystals are useful for all aspects of earth healing, and in accessing past-life information. It is an amazing tool for meditation and for accessing information in the sleep state. It may also be used to help one meet with spirit guides. It is very protective, and useful for states of depression and grief. It is good for all periods of change, and many children benefit from them. Chlorite phantoms are excellent healers; white phantoms connect with angelic energies; red phantoms are energising and grounding; black phantoms are spiritually grounding and uplifting; whilst any other specific included types will have their own qualities.