Platonic Solids and Merkaba

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All patterns of three dimensional creation, including the human form at cellular level, resolve to energy bonds resulting from one (or some combination of) five simple forms. These are known as THE PLATONIC SOLIDS. A Platonic Solid may be defined as a regular shape which has all sides being of the same length and with all its interior angles being equal. Each Platonic Solid will also sit within a sphere, with each of its vertices (points) simultaneously touching the sphere's perimeter. Each Solid has what is known as its 'dual' – another Platonic Solid which may be inscribed within it, by connecting the midpoints of all the faces. Plato speculated that these 5 solid shapes were the shapes of the fundamental components of the physical Universe; and the Ancient Greeks related each shape to an element (we have found that they also correspond to a Ray – and hence to our perceptions of colour): the tetrahedron (a pyramid composed of 4 equilateral triangles) has the smallest volume for its surface area, and the icosahedron (composed of xx equilateral triangles) has the largest volume for its size. These were taken to show the attributes of dryness and wetness respectively, and so were seen as corresponding to the elements of Fire (Ruby Ray) and Water (Crystal Ray). The cube (composed of 6 equal-sized squares, standing firmly on its base) was seen as corresponding to the stable element of Earth, whilst the octahedron (two four-sided pyramids linked base-to-base, which can rotate freely when held by any two opposite vertices), was seen as corresponding to the mobile element of Air (Sapphire Ray). The dodecahedron (composed of 12 pentagons) was linked to the Universe, because it has 12 faces which were linked to the 12 signs of the zodiac (the constellations the Sun passes through each year); and later to the Element of ether (Gold and Silver Rays).
MERKABA (MerKaBa) was the name given by the Ancient Egyptians to describe the counter-rotating fields of Light that embrace the embodied human, which they saw as having the ability to transport the spirit/body from one Dimension to another: 'Mer' means Light; 'Ka' means Spirit; and 'Ba' means Body. In modern esoteric teachings it is taught that the MerKaBa is an inter-dimensional 'vehicle' consisting of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedrons of Light with a common centre, whereby one tetrahedron points up and the other down. The Merkaba may also be called a 'Star Tetrahedron', since it can also be viewed as a three dimensional Star of David (a six-pointed star). This 'Light-body Vehicle' permits inter-dimensional travel, and is said to be the Body of Light that defines us when our perception of reality exists in the Higher Dimensions (5 and above): hence it is closely associated with the Ascension process; and meditating or journeying using this Sacred Shape as a focus may help us touch on the reality of what Higher-Dimensional BEing is all about.
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